what we stand for?

Seeking High Quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Cutting to the chase, we want to leave this world a better place for the next generations!

To achieve this, we believe in purchasing durable, high quality and environmentally friendly products. The kind of products that hold better and even lifetime warranty and guarantee periods. Products that you should only need to purchase once, or that the manufacturer uses sustainable methods in processing and constructing.

This means less rubbish going to landfill, along with less plastics and garbage going to our waterways. These improvements will also mean less greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming.

We have committed to searching the world for the highest quality products that hold the best warranties, supplier guarantees and are environmentally focused. We will negotiate with suppliers to bring you a 1 stop location for the best quality products for your home.

When you change your buying habits and commit to purchasing quality products, then you will make a positive difference to 

  • Our worlds current waste problem, 
  • Including the global warming concerns, 
  • You will save money, meaning its better for your wallet

All this by purchasing items that last!

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What can we do?

If we purchase responsibly, we can save our

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Our Story

Have you ever purchased something, only for it to fail not long after?

Or have it break well before it should have?  

It brings on feelings of frustration and angst. We tend to ask ourselves, how often do I have to replace these? How long should they last? Is there a better alternative?

Where it all started?

My wife and I started our journey in our late 20’s when we had an epiphany about our current state of living and how we wanted to make some environmentally friendly changes.

Firstly we were concerned with the volume of un-natural items that we had surrounded ourselves with and as we educated ourselves on these further, we found links between both physical and mental well-being.

From here we started removing harmful chemicals, plastics and poor-quality items from our life. This involved sourcing organic items, including food and clothing, along with higher quality and environmentally friendly everyday items.

When we purchased our first Chasseur pot, we soon realised that this was the quality we should be surrounding ourselves with. An heirloom pot that could be passed down through the generations and last the test of time.

We also realised that we were in fact saving money, because our purchases were never expected to fail as they were covered by a lifetime guarantee or manufactured to a high quality and out of sustainable materials. Meaning we would never have to purchase these goods again!

Where are we at now?

We continue to research items from our everyday life, from pots and pans, clothing, kitchenware and baby items. We look for items that hold a lifetime warranty or are best in its category.

What we notice is that it is near impossible to find a business that provided these products, with  true lifetime guarantee’s , warranties and are sustainably manufactured all in 1 location. This is a huge gap in the market.

It makes absolute financial sense to purchase something once, rather than re-occurring over a lifetime. Over the long haul, you will not only save money, but there are other benefits including; being better for our environment due to less waste accumulating!

Over time we have accumulated a good knowledge of how to source durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We have identified suppliers and businesses that are committed to and share similar values to us.

As a result, we have committed to bringing consumers a 1 stop destination for high quality items to suit every home. Specialising in products that will contribute better environment outcomes, including less waste, less plastics in our oceans and less greenhouse gas emissions.

From here, i BUY ONCE was born

Keep Your Eye Out For These Badges!

Sustainable Product Badge

Items that have been manufactured with sustainability in mind. Made from sustainable materials and built to last.

Lifetime Warranty Product Badge

Items that are backed by a lifetime warranty or guarantee. If cared for, they are sure to last the test of time.

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To change the way in which the world shops!

I BUY ONCE Mission


To change the purchasing behaviour of everyday shoppers, by promoting only the highest quality and longest lasting products.



- To only choose items that provide positive environmental impacts.
- To promote less waste, by promoting longer lasting products.
- We will be a voice for every day consumers, to lobby for higher quality.
- We will leave the world a better place for our children, by changing the way we shop.