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What is i BUY ONCE?


Visit our online store to explore how to save our world, by changing the way you shop.

Our website gives you a 1 stop destination for a great range of products that are of high quality, hold extensive and even lifetime warranties. We specialise in everyday items for use around the home.

Our aim and goal is to prevent unnecessary waste associated with today’s disposable purchases culture.

If in your journey, you have come across products that you think tick these boxes, then please send us an email via the contact us page.

We are avid believers in the fact that we all play a part in helping reduce our wastage and it all starts with purchasing sustainable. 

We understand that it is impossible to remove items like plastic from our lives completely, but we believe through informed choices, we can minimise the impacts that they have on our environment.

At I BUY ONCE we specialise in selling durable sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

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Did you know?
  • Fact 1

    Plastic has been found in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point in the world at 11km below the ocean.

  • Fact 2

    Failing to purchase items sustainably and responsibly can increase your carbon footprint by 50-70%.

  • Fact 3

    The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of the worlds waste water.

What Can You Do?

By purchasing items that are higher quality and are built to last, you will do your part in addressing the above points. It can seem daunting to change your lifestyle and every element about it. The goal should be to take little incremental steps and it can all start by choosing a product that is designed to last.

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Here are some words from our loyal customers, who have decided to join the journey of buying durable sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

"Purchasing any item from i BUY ONCE is a conscious effort and my way of positively contributing to the sustainability of our beautiful planet. Thanks i BUY ONCE for putting thought behind my buying. I’m a customer for life!"

Joanne h
Avid Customer
The service we received from the team at i BUY ONCE was top notch. Nothing was too much trouble for them and the delivery times was quick and efficient.

Samantha l
first time purchaser
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. I will save so much money, not having to buy replacements all the time.

dean c
iBUYONCE Convert